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Here at TPR we strive to bring you high quality content for Trainz. We are a group of people spread across the world who came together for one reason. That reason is to make your Trainz experience the best that it can be.

TPR was started for the purpose of creating routes. That purpose has expanded with the changing times. As Trainz grows, so do we. Our content creators, route builders and our scripters/software writers are among the best out there.

Our routes consist of mainly proto-typical routes but we also do fictional routes. Montana Rail Link ( MRL ) was our biggest route ever created and released to the public. Weighing in at 106 Mbs, it takes almost 5 hours to run it end to end. Over 18 months went into the creation and testing.

As times change TPR must also be willing to change, we will begin providing routes and support for 2009/2010 and will be upgrading some of our older routes to those standards in the coming months.

But for now TPR announces the release date of April 1st for the Conrail_NJT route, which is a "model of a model" and a tribute to Matt Snell's superb HO scale railroad. This model railroad was featured in the 2006 edition of Model Railroader's GREAT MODEL RAILROADS 2006.

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